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26th Sep 2015

·   Forthcoming events update

·   Agenda for 1st Oct 2015 Deanery Synod at St Thomas, Bowlee

·   Minutes of Jul 8th Deanery Synod at St Luke, Heywood

·   Minutes of Pastoral Committee 23rd June

22nd April 2015

·   Agenda for Apr 2015 Deanery MPC at St Martin, Castleton

·   Minutes of Dec2014 Deanery Synod at St Gabriel, Middleton Junction


28th March 2015

·   Home Page Future events added


8th March 2015

·   Agenda for Mar 2015 Deanery Synod at St Thomas, Bowlee

·   Minutes of Oct 2014 Deanery Synod

·   Feb 2015 Diocesan Synod minutes

·   New events added to home page – Quiet day and Choir Retirement concert


5th November

·   Deanery Meeting dates updated

·   3 forthcoming events added to Home page


15th July 2014

·          About Us

o          Deanery Synod Officers

Updated to current membership

3rd July 2014

·          Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of St Aidan Deanery Synod

Agenda for next Deanery Synod at the Old Grammar School

4th June 2014

§  Coming Events

§  “New Creation” Musical notification

21st May 2014

Past Events & Photo Gallery

§  All Saints & Martyrs’ Golden Jubilee Flower Festival Photo Album


9th May 2014

Deanery Blog

§  Open Church Day at St John’s, Thornham

§  Golden Jubilee Flower Festival at All Saints & Martyrs


Past Events & Photo Gallery

§  Bishop David’s visit to Heywood

21st April 2014

Outdated blog entries removed

27th March 2014

Deanery Blog

St Aidan’s Spring fair

12th April 11:00am to 1:00pm

20th March 2014

New meeting dates and venue added

Deanery Blog updated

Agendas & Minutes

§  Agenda for forthcoming Deanery Synod with Bishop David

§  Agenda for forthcoming Pastoral Committee Meeting at St James, Heywood

§  Draft minutes of the last DPC at St John, Hopwood

§  March 4th Standing Committee draft minutes

2nd Feb 2014

Deanery Blog updated

14th November

Agendas & Minutes

Agenda for forthcoming Pastoral Committee Meeting at St John’s

9th November

Agendas & Minutes

Provisional Minutes of 21st Oct Deanery Synod at St Martin Castle to and PP presentation of Credit Unions for All


Provisional Minute of Pastoral Committee Meeting on 11th July at Holy Trinity, Parkfield

8th November

Coming Events

United Christian Singers

at Bamford Chapel


“To Advent and Beyond!”

6th November

Latest News

General Synod election results

3rd November 2013

Coming Events

Saturday 30th November

Christmas Fair at Holy Trinity Parkfield

Noon until 2:00pm

Saturday 23rd November

Christmas Fair at All Saints Rhodes

Noon until 2:00pm

27th October 2013

Coming Events

Saturday 9th November

Retreat Day @ ST Aidan, Sudden

10:30am – 3pm

Agendas & Minutes

§  Diocesan Synod –October 26th   Minutes of 129th meeting at St Andrew, Droylsden

§  Deanery Synod -Minutes of 20th June meeting at St Mary, Birch and MAP presentation

§  Diocesan Synod –June 12th  Minutes of 128th meeting at Holy Trinity, Rusholme

§  Diocesan Synod –November 17th Minutes of 126th meeting at St Paul, Kersal