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Deanery Plan 2012

Combined Churches Survey (Not presented to Dio. MPC)

Plan Introduction

Summary Plan Cover and Index

Combined Churches Summary Plan




28th Oct

Foundations for Ministry and Authorised Lay Ministry

Slide Presentations

Foundations for Ministry and Authorised Lay Ministry


Supporting Talk by Rev’d Jayne Prestwood

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Hint: You will first need to download both the presentation and talk and then open the presentation and then ‘play’ the talk (if it doesn’t start automatically). You will then need manually to synchronise the slides as the talk progresses




7th Dec

Pastoral Committee Training Day 1

Maps (Available on Request)

Aerial View of Deanery

Deanery Parish Map with surrounding Deaneries

Surrounding Deanery Parish Sizes

Shaded Parish Category map

Places of Christian Worship Map

Surrounding Districts map


Slide Presentations

Deanery Pastoral Committees - Presentation

DPC Info Resources Tools for Training and maps

Pastoral Measure FAQ

Theological Reflection



H&M Deanery Parish Statistics

H&M Deanery parish Share Stats to 2004





26th June

Clergy Deployment Strategy and Priority Parishes


Notes of Special Open Deanery Synod



Original Group Discussion Questionnaire

Responses to Group Discussion Questionnaire


Slide Presentations

Explanatory document for slides used in presentations

PowerPoint presentation used at this and other Deanery Synods

PowerPoint presentation used at Diocesan Synod

Signs of Glory: Additional slides for use showing different ways of outreach used by different churches


Documents  for discussion

Priority Parishes

Deployment of Stipendiary Clergy : A Discussion Paper


Documents referenced in discussion papers

Mission Shape Church available for £10.95




11th July

Deanery Website

Original Deanery Website Proposal